Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My windows have been successfully MISTREATED!

Hey there! As promised I worked on my curtains last night and FINISHED! Here are my pics of my very first curtain making experience! Here is my fabric:

And here is one window of my two window project. The red panel matched my red sofa and the long panel color is a few shades darker than my wall. I am so happy with how they came out. I have kind of a modern edge in my house with a modern sofa and geometric prints but I have mixed it with a few more classical pieces as well so my real challenge here was to be a good mix of classic and modern. That is why I didn't add any trim to the curtains - to kind of keep a clean line. - But I will keep my eyes peeled for the perfect trim just in case. Here is a link to the blog where I found my inspiration for the curtains! The Nester. This gal really knows her curtains! I have really been wanting to do something different in this space and her "Mistreatment" idea was the perfect solution! Thanks Nester!

Here is my living room. Remember the newly slipcovered chair from my Chair Makeover post? Well, here it is with my newly affixed curtains. Kyle was a great help while I measured and cut the fabric, he also helped me hang them up! What a guy! Thanks honey! (Excuse the mess - I was too excited about getting the picture to clean up!)

Just a detail of the top panel

Here are the cute curtain rings I found. I think they added a cute accent to the project!

Here is the other window in the room.

Hope you enjoyed my Mistreatment! Please come back as I continue to get this house decorated and beautiful! I know it has taken me a while but since this is our first time in a house I have really been intent of doing everything as close to perfect as I can! Bear with me - I'll get there! And then girlies- Kyle and I will host a little house warming and have the whole gang over for a Nerts championship!

Happy Wednesday!