Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Well, I am feeling the pain of my fun weekend. The last two days have been awful. I have managed to get a sore throat to go along with my crazy back pain.
All the walking and sleeping on a strange
bed just did a number on my back.
I went home from work yesterday (which is probably why I am up to date on my blogs) because I could not take sitting in the chair at work. We are still in a bit of a lull here at the office so I am fighting to stay busy although what I really should do is clean my desk - the problem herein lies that my desk is covered in boxes and heavy stuff that I can't at this moment lift solo - so the mess continues and I have been keeping busy with blogging, decongestants, green tea, and pouting quietly to myself. Sounds pretty pathetic huh? The good news is that I have discovered some amazing new blogs that I have had tons of time to frequent lately. I am inspired daily by some of the creative things these women are up to on their blogs.
Have a happy Tuesday!