Friday, August 01, 2008

going overblog

I have been accused of blogging a lot in the past few weeks and I have to say that I have enjoyed it a lot but am a little weary as yet another day of me and the internet sits before me. I am truly out of things to do. I have cleaned my office area I have cleaned my desk I have added widget after widget to my blog, posted picture after picture of exciting house stuff, and lurked on tons of other blogs in search of new bloggy friends. There are so many amazing ones! I have really really enjoyed it and I hope that they will come to visit my blog too! Its kind of funny to me that I have never ventured into the blogosphere before being quite content with my friends and family who read. But there is such a variation of how people blog that I was getting a bit bored. Some people blog once a week and others once a month (and I have totally been that person in busy times as well) but here I was blogging everyday and I felt like I wished I was reaching a wider audience - so I went to see what other bloggers were doing. I was amazed at how so many blogs were reaching hundreds of people and now I go back to those everyday to see what they have said. I hope that my blog is like that someday - that people are popping in to see what I have written and I can go to theirs and do the same. Now that I am "out there" I hope I can make some good friends outside my normal group.
Well, this weekend is a bit of an exciting one for me. My birthday is tomorrow and I am really excited to turn the big 25....or as excited as one can be I guess. I have plans to spend the day with my favorite person in the whole world My husband Kyle. We have soooo much fun together and I miss our little adventures and tomorrow we are going to celebrate the day by spending it together doing some of my favorite things like, sleeping in late! Playing Putt Putt golf, going to the get the picture! I can't wait for the fun day. When I was younger I was always obsessed with "the perfect day" on my birthday - I wanted to wake up and have everything feel right and perfect for the whole day. I would plan my outfit for the day and all the fun things planned. I even achieved greatness a few birthdays! Some of my favorites included days with my girlfriends in high school where we would plan to start the day by meeting for lunch and my awesome friend Heather would have things kind of planned for the day. I would always try to do the same for her birthdays too. Gosh I miss Heather! Girl, if you could just hop on a plane tonight and get down here that would be really great!

Thats enough wordiness for now!
Happy Friday!