Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mad about Mistreatments!

As promised, Here is my most recent mistreatment project.
Let me talk you through the drama:
First of all, It took about 2 months for my husband and I to locate the curtain rod and these black existing homemade curtains (thanks Mom). Once I hung them up I knew that I would be revisiting the issue soon. I'm sure you can see why. Blah Blah and a bit more blah. I love the curtains but they didnt fit the room, the window or my sassy new headboard! Cue the Fabric store and this fabulous find:

I find this goldish beige damask print in the remnant pile for...2.99 a yard. Yes I am totally serious! There was a decent amount left so I bought all they had...about 5 yds and headed home to plot out my windows new divine future. I sketched this at work on a post-it. I had to work with the fact that I had only 5 yds...so I decided to cut the fabric into two equal panel lengths and then cut each one in half so I had 4 panels. I would use 3 of them for full length panels to frame my existing black curtains and use the 4th panel divided into thirds to create a detail feature that I would add a tassle to. The pink post-it is my plotting over the length of the panels...
Oh yeah, and Harley was there too! He watched me iron-adhere to hem the panels and then he attacked and chewed my fringe trim. Grrr... But he was too cute to stay mad at!
Process.Here is my first finished panel with the fringe trim and trim detail piece. This was my first fringe or trim experience! So fun! Thank you glue gun!

And here is my finished product! I love it but I almost wish I had a black valance that met the ceiling and came over the top of the curtain rod. Hmmm..... But I am super happy for now!
Panel Close-up. I was so in love with this fabric. It stands out from the warm beige walls in the room and pulls the gold color from the comforter fabric on the bed. It kind of gives the room the PUNCH it needed since it is mainly black and warm beige.
Tassel Close Up. I went back and forth on tassel color. I was set on matching the fringe and at the last minute decided on the black so the black existing curtains would make more sense. I am so glad that I did!

Hope you enjoyed my mistreatment! I had so much fun making them! Although I am dreaming of the day I will actually buy and learn to use a sewing machine so I can make these a bit easier. Iron on adhesive has its drawbacks. Thanks for stopping by!
I have another mini mistreatment to post soon so stay tuned!!