Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thirteen Things To Love about a Puppy

Thursday Thirteen

1. The jumping up and down, running circles around you and overall excitement when you walk in the door.

2. When they lay down and fall asleep on your lap.

3. Following you around the house everywhere you go just because they want to be with you.

4. Staring at you in the kitchen until you come into the living room and sit down so they can eat. Harley did this to me yesterday. He would not eat his dinner until I came with him into the living room and sat next to Kyle. It was adorable.

5. When they wake you up my stepping on your head as they curl up on your pillow. Hmmm...not as adorable as the last one.

6. Their puppy smell (the good one...not the bad one...)

7. The way he hops around the yard like a rabbit when he plays outside.

8. How he gets super sleepy after you play with him for a while.

9. When he looks up at you with those sweet puppy eyes...

10. When he thinks he sees another puppy in the glass on the entertainment center! Sooo funny!

11. When he bites his tail and won't let go and turns in circles and does somersaults! Also very funny!

12. When he runs up to you and puts his paws on your leg and waits for his treat after he has gone outside.

13. How he is the sweetest most adorable puppy in the whole world!

Now, just for fun here are some pics of the cute little thing now! This was his first bath.

Here he is with Kyle! I don't think he loved the bath too much.

Snuggling with Me after the bath in his orange towel. Isn't he sweet? What is with the lack of shine control on my face here?? Dang.....I can't believe I posted this! Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

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