Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Meet our little Harley...

Well, this is how it happened. The story of how Harley chose us! We decided to go to this pet store after lunch (said Pet Store has an excellent reputation and uses reputable breeders..I know I know..I have read all the articles too...)on Sunday because we were having a dispute above the size of dog that we wanted. I wanted a Yorkie but they tend to be teeny and Kyle was feeling like he might want to get a medium size dog. We decided to go to this pet store b/c they let you hold and play with the puppies and thry have various breeds so it's a great place to go when you are trying to make a decision on the breed of dog you want. We went in and were there about 3 seconds before we both saw this little black and tan ball of fur halfway climbing out of the cage. Our eyes met and it was almost instant (almost!). I picked him up and we started asking questions and found out that he was a 4 month old Yorkie and that he was the biggest out of the litter and was not a typical teeny Yorkie. We were smitten! We took him to play for a while and continued to fall in love and before we knew it we had bought a puppy and we were on our way to the store (puppy in tow) to get the needed necessities. We quickly realized the weight of our decision as the credit card swiped...Whew! They are pricey! But totally and utterly worth it!!!
Meet our little Harley. Isn't he sweet?Here he is munching on his dinner. He is so good natured and so much fun. We are having a blast falling in love with him!Excuse my grease shine and weird vein in my neck! This was a good pic of Harley not me! One last pic!
I am sure there will be more to come on our adventures with Harley!
Say a little prayer that we turn out to be good parents.
Happy Wednesday!