Monday, August 11, 2008

A Disky Situation...

Well, my back problems are nothing new to my readers here but I thought I would take a post and devote it to my back situation in case you are not familiar with herniated discs. This injury is from a car accident I was in in February of this year. I have been to doctors, chirpractors, orthopedists, neurologists, and pain management specialists. Basically at this point they have told me that yes I have an herniated disk but that they will not perform surgery because I am still able to function and because I am too young. The bad news is that I am in pain daily and all my daily activities and basically my entire life has been altered due to the injury. Last week I had a Steroid Epidural Injection in my back. If it does not work then I will have to learn to live with the problem until it is bad enough to receive surgery (ugh). Surgery is the last thing I want but, the pain and affect on my life are also awful. So I am really hoping that this last shot helps me. I was MIA last week mainly from being sick (thats a whole other blog as I am still sick) and then this shot which required checking into the hospital althought the actual procedure was very short. I am on some pain pills to get me over the pain of the shot in my spine and in the next few days to a week I am supposed to be feeling the glorious results of the epidural. Here are some pictures I found that can explain exactly what my pain is coming from.

Please say a prayer this week that this shot will help. I have this dream that I will soon return to a normal life of a 25 year old. Or at least a semi normal life. This will be my new slogan:

Happy Monday!