Saturday, August 02, 2008

Guess who is 25 today?!?!

Hello Bloggers! Today is my birthday so I thought I would do something kind of fun to for the day. I just have to decide what my definition of FUN is. Well, 25 is a big one. I have had all these delightful people inform me that I am a quarter of a century old. Now that my friends sounds old. Yuck! But, I am not going to dwell on that because 25 isn't old - it still really feels young to me. So, in honor of the age of 25 I am going to do a list (yes, a list people...feel free to scan and move on if need be...I will never know)of 25 things I have done or accomplished that I have learned from and grown from and 25 things that I still want to do. Enjoy! And have a slice of cake for me today! Here we go!

25 things I have done in my 25 years

1. Married my best friend

2. Passed my NCIDQ Interior Design Licensing Exam!

3. Graduated College

4. Moved away from Home

5. Fell in love (see #1!)

6. Worked at CGS Summer Camp in Dallas as a Drama Teacher (originally) and then as Admin Staff - Sprouts Cabin Leader, Canoe Teacher, Archery (? still baffled ?), Lead Chapel, Hiked JP (me? was that really me?)

7. Elected President of Kappa Phi at OSU

8. Lived with my best friends in the whole world in a really old house off of campus - p.s. was better friends before and after this decision more than during. Love you girls!

9. Lived alone in college for a semester

8. Sat under the same tree every day by the Seretean and wrote poetry

9. Had the perfect kiss

10. Had the best goodbye moment (totally belonged in a was snowing..I am considering Spielberg for the rights..)

11. Took A LOT of Art History Classes

12. Made the best friends in the history of the world!

13. Did a lot of stupid things (this will be confined to one slot here - the lessons learned are what counts most)

14. Went to Hawaii

15. Learned to Snowboard

16. Been in X number of car accidents (X....this will either help or ruin my reputation)

17. Skinny dipped! Whoo Whoo!! Details will remain closed.

18. Smelled like a skunk and denied it (hee hee...laughing to hard to explain!)

19. Had a couple broken hearts...they grow back apparently...(couldn't have convinced 14 year old me of that)

20. Sang karaoke

21. Pulled off the best halloween costume ever! A polaroid picture baby!

22. Read more books than I can count

23. Had poetry published

24. Moved into my first house with my husband

25. Made curtains! We can all fulfill our dreams kiddos! hee hee

25 things I still want to do

1. Design my own house

2. Learn to speak Italian

3. Travel Travel Travel (Rome, Paris, London.....)

4. Have children

5. Have my own design practice

6. Have my 50th wedding anniversary with Kyle.

7. Live in many different places and then settle back down to our favorite one

8. Write my first book

9. Host a TV show! Designstar anyone??

10. Skydive

11. Ice skate on a real frozen pond not an ice skating rink

12. Have a summer home

13. Be known for my unique style

14. Be in charge or a leader of a charity group or organization

15. Teach in some way either Theatre, Writing or Design...

16. Learn Photography

17. Take ballroom dancing

18. Go car shopping and get whatever car I want

19. Win a shopping spree

20. See both of my parents as happy as I am

21. Be an aunt..I always loved my aunts I want to be that fun aunt!

22. Plan another wedding (not mine!! I just thought it was such a great experience)

23. Take up painting. Not the kind with a roller and blue tape..

24. Make more amazing friendships

25. Find a way to make a mark in a large way - environmental, peace making, invention, serving in some way.

Well, if you stuck it out for that whole list then I thank you for celebrating a bit of my birthday with me. For those older and wiser - leave me a bit of advice if you please. For those younger and less wise - share with me a dream you have. Older and wiser do that too! That sounds like more fun than advice! Happy Birthday to Moi! Okay Okay......

I'm Done!