Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Anyone?

Let the complaining begin! With almost no sleep the previous night (due to big decisions, minor disagreements, and a major lack of pain meds) I awoke (or got up) in the dreariest mood. I curled my hair, I applied make-up and clothing and headed out the door like a zombie. This is two crappy Fridays in a row. My mood was not in concert with the typical Friday orchestra playing in my head. My head was heavy and aching, my mind was clouded and there was only one important thing, one thing that could spur me on......that thing was Starbucks. Due to too much dawdling in my dreariness - I did not have time to cruise by the delightful dispenser of coffee on my way to work. By 9:30 I was practically clawing at my keyboard (as opposed to typing I guess) and I decided that an emergency coffee run was needed. I grabbed my purse, took an order from my equally dreary friend and headed out. When I returned with coffee I found one of my co-workers with his wife and new baby (2 weeks!) visiting. Nothing clears dreariness like the sweet little presence of a newborn. Baby craziness + the coffee were definetely sinking in. Friday might be looking up after all.