Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Drained. I feel completely wiped out today and I am not sure where it is coming from. I am trying to battle some more chaos with the accident and simultaneously trying to get doctor's visits scheduled so I can finally have a means of treatment besides drugs. My medicine gives me crazy dreams and hot flashes (see my Overflow for more description).
So I just feel drained in every way. Are we moving to Brandon? Will the accident and pain be resolved? I miss my girlfriends at home so much I would do anything to just sit and have lunch with them. My parents lives are ever growing and changing as is my brothers and yet I am almost no part at all anymore. At the real heart of it this doesnt even bother me which is even weirder. I could go on and on with questions and little absurdities in my life right now - but in 24 minutes I have to get back to work and not dwell on everything, then I have to switch my dwelling to deadlines and work related things (thank goodness I work in a relatively calm work environment).

Perplexed in Plant City