Tuesday, May 20, 2008



Have you ever heard the saying, "When it rains, it pours."? Well, in Florida this is typically pretty true concerning the weather. However the statement is usually used to express an overwhelming flood of drama in someone's world. Pretty much like saying that if one thing goes wrong everything else will follow suit. Well, we are not at all in the crisis we were in a few months ago but we are having some problems with the raining down of too many issues at one time.
It started last Wednesday when Kyle took his truck into the shop to get a problem with his starter worked out that has been ailing him (and the truck) for some time. I took off work to go get him and picked him up.
Sometime between then and the next day we discovered that the floor in my car was soaking wet. Unsure as to the cause and reliant on one vehicle at the time - we dried what we could and the plan was to leave the windows cracked during the day to let the moisture out. The wetness increased throughout the end of the week and into the weekend. By Saturday all the carpet in the car was drenched and we were just scratching our heads and airing out what we could. Then of course it being Florida and impossibly humid, it began to be a bit smelly. On Sunday we had major thunderstorms and rain so nothing to air out the car could be done. On Monday morning we awoke to more rain. As Kyle had been driving to work on his motorcycle (and this would not be safe in the rain) we changed our morning routines around (quickly!!) and he took me to work and then took himself to work in the car. He was called after lunch by the truck place and they had finished the work on the truck. So, he came to get me in Lakeland and then we drove back to Tampa and then back again to Plant City (if you don't have a map handy - let me just tell you that this was a LOT of driving). We had a plan to find somewhere to take my soaked and mildewed car (umm..yeah..it has completely lost that new car smell..) but to no avail as I am on a major deadline and work and Kyle is in meetings all day. Last night Kyle tried to do what he could to dry it out and by this morning we were both completely overwhelmed with this disaster that would soon render my car undrivable.
I took it to a mechanic this morning and in 5 minutes he found the backed up pipe that was causing the drainage ("worst he had ever seen" - I love to here that.)and he gave me a few
suggestions to start the drying out process.
Suffice it to say - When it rains, it pours.

Swimming in Frustration,