Monday, May 26, 2008

Friday Night Football

After work on Friday, Kyle and I went over to Tampa to meet some friends who had recieved a bunch of free tickets to Tampa's Arena Football game. Neither of us had ever gone so we jumped at the idea to do something new. We met the gang and headed to the St. Pete Times Forum where the game is played. Arena football is a somewhat new sport I believe but seems to have a big following, Tampa's team is called 'The Storm'. Right before the game began the MC came over the loud speaker and asked us to take a moment of silence - the whole crowd got quiet and then they came on again and announced - "You have just witnessed the calm...BEFORE THE STORM!!!!!" there were lots of big bangs and pyrotechnics that went off in the stadium - it was quite a show! This is the arena and field for the game. It is about half as long as a regular football field and is played with less players than normal football. That is were my knowledge ends. I wasn't too interested in the game itself but the music and little activities during time outs, etc. were reminiscent of college and it was overall a fun experience.
Here is our group - we were way up in the "nosebleed" section - but we didn't care as the tickets were free. Free is always fun!