Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Weekend Update

I will start this week off better than last by posting about my weekend on Tuesday rather than the following Saturday. Friday night Kyle and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary (which was actually on Saturday) with a cozy evening at home. As our weekend schedule looked jam packed we decided to have a nice bottle of merlot and a lovely dinner courtesy of Macaroni Grill (Don’t you love Curb Side To Go!). We followed up with my favorite dessert, Lemon Passion..Mmmmmmmm. It was a great celebration and we both enjoyed the good conversation over dinner and dessert.
On Saturday morning I woke up at 4:30 am! I have no idea why but I was wide awake! This is when I found time to catch up on some blogging. I took my car to get it washed inside and out. I am now I true believer in the car wash service stations where you drop off your car and then call your name when it is finished. I know it sounds lazy but it is not much more expensive than doing it yourself and you get to sit in the air conditioned lobby and wait – I am sold.
After the car cleaning; Kyle and I set off for Orlando to meet up with Kyle's friend and roomie from college, Ricky. He works for Enterprise and they were having a giant convention in Orlando for Enterprise Store Managers. There were 8,000 people there and they had filled up 3 hotels! We picked him up along with two of his co-workers who happened to graduate from OSU as well, and headed to lunch at The Crab House where I watched all four of the guys eat their fill of Crab legs and shrimp from the all you can eat buffet, while I munched happily on my gigantic salad ( I don’t do seafood). Afterwards we went to the outlet mall across the street so the guys could look for a few gifts for their significant others. We had planned on enjoying a nice game of putt putt but found ourselves limited on time as Kyle and I had to get back for a graduation party. I had to laugh at the absurdity of being at an outlet mall with 4 guys when normally guys don’t want to even set foot there. We made a few purchases and then drove Ricky and our two new friends, Rush and Andrew back to their hotel. It was a great afternoon of catching up and swapping college stories with the others. We were all at school at the same time at OSU so we had fun finding out how many friends we had in common and reminiscing our favorite hangouts. It was a lot of fun and we were so glad we had made the trip.

We bypassed home on the way to our friend’s party both partially wishing we were going home to rest and relax. But we knew it was an important day and we had promised our presence at the event. Although we showed up towards the end we got to sit and visit with friends and watch Kim open our gag gift (a giant calculator as she is going to be a math teacher) and the custom card I had ordered to be made for her (via MillerManorDesigns). After a while we decided to go eat and continue our celebrating. We had a great time playing pool and video games at Brandon Ale House ( a new place Kyle and I had not been to) and a few more friends trickled in for the party. There was even another party for a USF graduate there and before we knew it we had gained balloons for the event on our table courtesy of the other graduate who ended up knowing Kim.
It was a good night and a very full day and we collapsed into bed completely exhausted and happy from spending time in such good company.

On Sunday I woke up not feeling very well at all so Kyle decided to go to church without me and take his motorcycle (which I will not ride –yikes!) for a change (and to save on gas!). I had to work Sunday afternoon as we are on a big deadline for a large church remodeling project. I began feeling better so I headed out to work while Kyle headed back to Brandon to play golf with our friend Eric and his Father and Father-In-Law. I got home just a little while before him and crawled into bed to read a book. The rest of the evening was peaceful which was a nice change after a busy weekend.
I hope everyone had a good one as well!

(P.S. I have some great pics to add to this post so stop by tomorrow to check them out!)