Saturday, May 03, 2008

Post Dated: Last Weekend

What a weekend! It all began with some quiet relaxation on Friday night as Kyle and the the other men from our lifegroup had planned a Guy’s Night. They played video games and hung out at one guy’s house and from the sound of it had a fabulous time. I enjoyed some shows that I had recorded earlier in the week and then settled down with a good book and finally drifted off to a peaceful sleep.
On Saturday I woke early and decided to be adventurous and set out looking for a project. I never thought that I would do this when I got older ( I was always dragged against my will when I was little) but here I was garage selling! Since we moved to Florida I have found a lot of fun out of buying and refinishing different pieces of furniture. So I set out to check out what the sales had to offer. I lucked out with my first stop as it turned out to be a community sale. However after some great exercise walking to all the sales I returned to my car empty handed. I guess it’s the summer weather that got everyone going because despite the humidity and early hour many people had decided that it was the perfect day for a yard sale. After an hour or so of searching for a good refinishing project I called it a day with only a cool wire shelf for my bathroom. I had a lot of fun though and passed up some cool things only because we don’t currently have that much room for large scale refinishing. You might be interested to know that since our moving here we have done several cool projects which have furnished some great pieces in our apartment. These projects include a rocking chair, side tables for the living room, side tables for the bedroom, a kitchen table and 2 chairs, The base cabinet for our fish aquarium. All were fun and challenging in their own right but the outcome is even more fun when you have spent a lot of time creating it.

Saturday evening Kyle and I had a late dinner and then traveled to Ybor City, the historic downtown part of Tampa Bay to go to the Improv theater to see Ralphie May perform. If you haven't heard of him it's because he not extremely well known yet. He won Comedy Central's Last Comic Standing on their first season and has since grown in popularity. He has a great stage presence (literally fills it up at almost 400 lbs) and is most well known for his refusal to accept race classification in America. One of his jokes goes like this, "If you want to be so politically correct that we have to call everyone African American or Asian American then white people should have to be called European American.....etc." He is enjoyable to listen to (even though I don't necessarily agree with him) and we were laughing the whole time. I appreciate comics who tell it like it is and he is actually very well read and incorporates a lot of historical data and fact into his routine. Don't misread me though he can be as crude as the best of them as well so I wouldnt tell anyone to go see him if they werent prepared to be offended at some point. Well, anyway it was an enjoyable night and we had fun sitting with another random couple as the show was sold out completely. Here we are with Ralphie May.

The next day we got up early and headed to Baylife, it was an enjoyable and special service called Bring on the Rain and had lots of music incorporated into a message about letting God be our shepherd and leaning on him when the rain comes knowing that he will carry us through the storm. They showed a short clip of a sermon by Rob Bell and it was really interesting. Pastor Mark called it a Hallmark sermon because we watched the video instead of him speaking. He is always joking around like that, his joke was that when we go buy a card at Hallmark it is because we don't know what to say to the person so we find a card, read it and go; "Yes that is exactly how I feel." Then you sign your name and give it to the intended recepient. So that was his sermon, a 20 minute video that said everything he was trying to put into words for the sermon.

Afterwards we had a nice lunch at Tijuana Flats with some friends. It was relaxing and fun to sit and chat about our weeks and about the unique service we had had at church. Afterwards Kyle and I went to the mall for a quick errand and then found ourselves going to PetsMart for a few fish to add to our tank. We ended up with two Bala Sharks we happily names Zig and Zag, they are silver with black tips on their top fin and tail. We also got three splittail Tetras whose bodies are almost see through! we named them The Three Stooges.

We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the fish tank and straightening the house before relaxing into a quiet evening of reading with a little Rock Band on the side.


Well, it took we a week to get around to blogging about it, as busy as this weekend looks I hope I am able to document it a little for promptly.

Thanks for stopping by!