Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thirteen Must Haves for the Beach

Well, my summer has yet to yield me a beautiful beach day but, sitting here at my desk miles from the shorelines of the Gulf I am daydreaming my way to the perfect spot on the beach. Here is my must have list - let's hope I convince Kyle that a beach day is a must ASAP.

1. The Beach Umbrella: As much as I love the sun I also love the shade and at the beach you have to have a retreat from the roasting.

2. The Cooler: Must have Beach Drinks are water water water. I hate drinking much else while I am there, except perhaps a flavored water.

3. The Best Suit: You know..the one that makes you feel pretty and not overly exposed - there is plenty of that out there. The perfect suit is very important.

4. The Cover-Up: maybe it is just me - but I strategize about what cover-up to wear depending on whether or not we are hanging out afterwards or heading back home. Do I need a casual cover-up or a cute one that becomes a dress at sundown?

5. The Towels: Even though they will all be sandy by the end of it - you gotta have em' if not just to guard your car from drippy suits on the way home.

6. The Boogie-Board: While I am not a big water fan (more of a sand crab actually)if I do venture into the ocean, I want a boogie board to relax and float on and then if I get adventurous I do sometimes concede to riding the waves into shore.

7. The Reading Material: I can't go without it.

8. The Sunblock: Well DUH!

9. The Football or Frisbee: To keep the guys entertained.

10. A Phone: So when your family from far away calls you can go, "Oh yeah...just at the beach..."

11. The Food: You will need sandwhiches, fruit and chips or some other snacky thing. Something at the beach just makes me HUNGRY!

12. The Pail and Shovel: I mean how much fun is it if no one gets buried in the sand?

13. The Deodorant: Reapply Reapply Reapply!

Have a great Thursday everyone!

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