Monday, June 16, 2008

Gentlemen..Start your engines!

This week is going to be an interesting one. My mind and body were exhausted this weekend in anticipation of what was happening this week. My Father is coming to visit on Thursday and will be with us until the following Tuesday. We sign our lease on Friday and will be moving into the rental house on Saturday.
It was very fortunate that my Dad's visit was scheduled when it was as far as us moving as I have been told to take it extremely easy for the next several weeks by my doctors. So Kyle will have a second pair of hands to help - although we have hired movers to do the brunt of the work. Work is lining up to present a hectic week as well - with the possibility of a day trip to Atlanta (my fingers are crossed that it waits but who knows!). I already have to travel today to a church we are building an hour or so away from my office. And basically we have today and tomorrow to pack our apartment (we have accomplished almost nothing thus far) up as Wednesday we have lifegroup and Thursday my Dad will be here and I would like to have a comfy place for him to stay amidst the boxes. This kills me because being a good hostess is so important to me. The type A part of me goes into overdrive when I have a guest coming to stay or dinner guests coming over. I'm not sure why - but the whole hostess thing is a huge deal to me and I struggle with knowing my Dad will be visiting us in chaos. I have calmed myself with the fact that he is a guy and I know that he does not see the world as many of us women do. If my Mom were here I would be a wreck about the mess!!

Along with all of that there is the unavoidable errands, emails and calls to make to transfer electric and cable services and renters insurance to get squared away. We are also planning to paint the master bedroom and bathroom on Saturday (this will be my job as I cant lift anything for the move and am hopeful that painting will not be too strenuous) and on Friday after we sign the lease I believe we will be giving the house a quick scrub down to be ready for our things and relocating our 50 gallon fish tank and fish so they will be out of the way of the movers (this should be interesting as we have to save a fair amount of the water to transfer with the fish so we dont put them out of equilibrium with too much new water).

We are also on a craiglist hunt for a washer and dryer set. We have found that somes great deals are out there and we are searching for the right price. We have found though that things sell so fast that you have to constantly monitor the list if you are searching for specific things. Twice we have called on items and been told that they have just sold and they were only on the website for an hour. Crazy....

We thought we had found the perfect puppy this weekend as well on an add from someone in Tampa. Surprisingly enough it turned out to be some sort of internet scam with someone pretending to have this dog in order to get personal information. It was crazy but they got nothing from us as we realized it sounded fishy on the second email from the supposed puppy owner. is a scary world out there!

I had a great time on Saturday with my girlfriends - we met up for lunch at Crispers and then went back to the Pottery Patch for another fun experience. We decided that painting is theraputic and we all enjoy it so much as we sit there and talk and take our time painting our chosen pieces of art. I am hoping to get picture of everyones work so I can post more than just my own. This week I made a cookie jar canister. I painted zebra stripes on it with red details and it says "animal crackers" on the front. I can't wait to see the end result after it is glazed and fired. After Pottery, Amanda and I continued on to get pedicures (Pottery and Pedi's!) and had a good time discussing Harry Potter (we had both just finished the 7 book series and didnt want to bore/ annoy the others with our animated discussions of it) much to the amusement of our pedicurists and another lady in the shop. We also were pretty funny as we had stopped by Sweetbay and grabbed some iced teas and Chex Mix as we were starving after our pottery fun and munched on our snacks while sitting in the pedicure chairs. There is nothing as relaxing and rejuvenating as a pedicure (except maybe a massage..). If you are a Harry Potter fan - watch my Overflow page for an upcoming post - if you aren't a fan it will probably make no sense at all.

Back to moving..

I cannot wait to get into this house - there are so many upcoming projects and fun things to do. Along with the puppy, I have some fun refinishing projects to start on (with actual space to do it now!) and Kyle is excited to get a grill and start cooking...I see a lot of meat in my future..lets hope for my sake that that includes a lot of grilled chicken as opposed to red meat as I fear I am constantly fighting the battle of the buldge as of late.

I hope to blog more this week - but if you don't hear from me you can probably figure out the reason!

Have a happy Monday!