Thursday, June 12, 2008

thirteen things to be happy about

Today I was going to list 13 things that were bothering me and then 13 things that I was happy about. The first list sounded too negative and who wants to reflect on the bad anyhow? So, I put it in the Lord's hands and off of my mind and I am going to share with you the 13 things that I am happy about today.

1. I am happy to be reading the last Harry Potter book. I was waiting for my fellow Harry fan to finish.

2. I am happy to be packing in order to move to the rent house next week.

3. I am happy that my Father is coming to visit Kyle and I for almost a week long trip! And it happens that we are moving during that time (clever aren't we?). Actually we didnt plan it that way - it just goes to show that you cannot PLAN your life out. Surprises (both good and bad) always seem to pop up.

4. I am happy that the purchase of a puppy is in our very near future!!!

5. I am happy to have a hilarious, adorable, sweet, and amazing husband that I am head over heels in love with.

6. I am happy to be going to paint pottery again on Saturday with the girls.

7. I am happy that our lifegroup is studying Prayer and that it seems to be working on the hearts of those in the group despite the overwhelming problem we all seem to have of self-control over "snapshots" happening during a great lesson.

8. I am happy to be alive and thankful to be surrounded by generous and loving people.

9. I am happy that it is almost the weekend and I get to wear jeans to work tomorrow.

10. I am happy to be listening to a movie while I work on my computer.

11. I am happy to not yet know the results of my licensing exam. The date that they should be coming is fast approaching and I am terrified to see the F on the paper when I open it and know that I have to retake it.

12. I am happy to be planning on painting and decorating a house of my own (even if it is rented). I have been living in dorms and apartments since 2001 when I moved out of my parents homes. I am ready to LIVE in a house and have a yard.

13. I am happy that Kyle and I's fish are thriving and we have had no funerals by the toilet bowl for many a month (knock on wood!).

I am happy. I hope you are happy too. Enjoy your Thursday!
If you are a "My Boys" fan - the season premiere is tonight!!!!

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