Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Puppy Love


Those who know me well would probably agree that I have never been much of an animal person. However I have wanted a dog for the last couple years and have been waiting until we were in a house to get one. Well, next week we are moving into a house that we are renting and we are sooooo excited. This means that soon we will be deciding on a puppy. We are semi torn when it comes to the breed of dog that we want. Kyle wants a poodle


which is what his parents have. And I grew up with a pomeranian and would love to have one as a pet again. Kyle has had an allergy to pet dander in the past so we have to be careful of the breed we get when it comes to shedding. So basically, a pomeranian is out as they are just little puffs of fur.


So, we went to a pet store to get a feel for what kind of puppy we might want. The one we went to was nice and you could pick the puppies up and play with them. We really loved the Shih tzus and Maltese pups and began thinking about looking for one of those breeds mixed with a poodle. The Shih-poos and Malti-poos seem to be pretty popular, so we are looking in that direction. We are going on a trip in mid July so we are going to wait until then to get anything for sure.

As we have been looking on the internet and asking people that we know I have found that the whole thing is kind of intimidating if you know as little about dogs as I do. For starters we want an inside dog that is small and affectionate. I didn't realize I would need to worry about all of these bad breaders and scam artists that are out there. I had never heard terrible stories of puppy mills and bad pet stores and all kinds of scary things about diseases and registrations, etc.
I am getting a little overwhelmed with it all. Even my Mother is not totally supportive of a puppy for Kyle and I - she says it is so much responsibility and I know that it is but, I also know that we are ready for it and excited to take care of a dog. We have had fish for over a year now and have had lots of fun with that (and trust me its kind of an extensive undertaking too).

Smiley goldfish

We are building up slowly you see - Can we take care of fish? Can we take care of a puppy? Should we even consider the possibility of having children and taking care of them? I am completely sure that I am not ready to bring another person into the world. But taking care of a puppy - that I know I am capable of.

Well, its going to be a few weeks until we start looking ultra-seriously (right now I am gathering information and learning all I can so we can make a good decision).

Happy Wednesday!