Sunday, December 03, 2006

Baby, it's cold outside...NOT

Don't you miss everyone saying 'NOT!' all the time? Or 'Psych!'.....gosh the 90's were weird!
Anywhoo - so most of the people reading this are in the middle of some sort of blizzard while I am down here sweating my butt off in this sudden humidity and heat in DECEMBER! Will I ever adjust to this weather? It could easily be 4th of july coming up instead of Christmas. Christmas! Ooooo I love this time of year! I just want to go move into a shopping mall. All the garland and the lights and the sales sales sales and credit card's just...sniff beautiful...
Well, we have been engaged for a week...AND THE HONEYMOON IS OVER! j/k but, suddenly this whole planning thing is upon us and apparently we need to jump on board and get things started. I don't want to be Bridezilla but I am already pretty overwhelmed. It's stressful already because basically what we found out is that we need to decide on the guest list, the venue, budget, and bridal party first and foremost. So, the guest list is easy (especially since we know that only like a tenth of the people will actually be able to come to the wedding) and venue besides being like the most difficult decision ever! is a major factor concerning budget of course and then people b/c ..well, it's in FLORIDA! We have weighed the pros and cons though and we really think that Florida is what we want. We want the beach wedding and we want to be able to plan it here and we want it small and intimate. And wedding party is hard because we don't know if people (especially friends) will be able to make the trip. We have both traveled for weddings before and we know how expensive it is. So, that being said - I am overwhelmed
I have already pondered the words, elopement. I guess we just have to take it one step at a time. The good thing is is that Kyle (my fiance') is totally up for planning and I am really beginnning to appreciate that fact that he wants to be involved (although he did look at me like I was a crazy person when he walked in my door and saw me own the couch with the laptop completely surrounded by Bridal magazines). p.s. i am addicted and can't leave any store without buying one.

So, what else is new? Kyle and I are both completely pumped about Christmas, I feel like a little kid because I am so anxious to get the tree up - but, mostly we are excited to go home for the holidays because there's no place like home for the holidays. For no matter how far away you go, if you want to be happy in a million ways, for the holidays you can't beat home sweet home.

hee hee... We are just so ready to be able to hug family and talk because we didn't get to do all that when we announced our engagement. The only bad thing is is that we won't be together for Christmas. But, it's only a few days I guess and next year we will be married and we will definitely spend it together. As Mr and Mrs. Hall. How does that sound? Leslie Anne Hall? Kyle said that my initials will still sound the same LAW and LAH..I think L.A.H. sounds like an airport. Well, I have a good 11 months to ponder that one. For now I have to think about colors and theme I guess. It is going to be a fall wedding so I will probably stick with that concerning colors. Although it would be fun to pick some awful color like chartreuse or aubergine and a nice fluffy taffeta bridesmaid know..just for kicks and giggles. j/k I do of course have my wedding parties best interests at heart.

So, 2007! It should be a good year! My prayers are that Kyle and I have a much healthier year than this one has been. I think we will make a pact on no hospital visits. We are both doing much better though-with all of our ailments and hopefully we will continue to do so and get back to being young as opposed to old and sickly retired to Florida.

Alright, I guess that's enough gab for one day. You Oklahomans bundle up and stay warm cuz, baby, it's cold outside and be careful on the icy roads! Lots of Love and hugs!