Monday, December 18, 2006


Well, another Monday is upon us and for once I am soooo soooo thankful. Not only does it mean that this is the week I am going home for Christmas but, It also means that the crazy insane hectic weekend is over. This weekend was absolutely back breakingly painful. And it started on Wednesday instead of Friday. Despite all the hardwork and stress - it got my mind completely off of the wedding and that recent drama but, sadly it also diverted my mind from Christmas. On a spur of the moment decision - I moved apartments this weekend. It was just one of those things and it happened so fast that no real packing or anything really took place so it was chaos personified. blah blah blah - it really sucked. But, alas it is Monday and the craziness is over - except for the insanity that is my new home. Amidst the chaos this morning I spilled my milk from my cereal twice, tripped over a cord and knocked down two lamps, lost and went searching for different things that were in random unmarked boxes. Next, I hit myself in the face with the door (this clearly has nothing to do with anything but my uncoordinated limbs). So, that was my Wednesday thru Sunday. And if it wasnt for my awesome ex-neighbor giving me this lotion set for soaking feet and little pedicure shoes I might not be here today. I soaked and soaked trying to get rid of the sore muscles. I have half a mind to go get a massage this week. Sadly, I only have half the money...hee hee Where is my youth?
As of yesterday afternoon my body decided it wanted to have a sore throat to match the sore back, feet and knees. So, I have caught a cold (I'm sure it is a moving cold - something you develop from being stressed for too long of a time that your body decides to quit defeating the germs and welcome them in). So, I sit here at my desk, surrouned by DayQuil and throat lozenges, trying desperately to cipher up some christmas spirit and wedding planning bliss that was beginning to descend on me last week- pre-moving crisis.
(sigh) Only the thought of seeing my dear dear friends soon is keeping me going on this hot muggy day. Woe is me! Why must is be so hot? Where is my cool breeze, where is my scarf! O' me! I shall live forever in flip flops and capris!