Friday, December 08, 2006

I do!

Wow! I am all about the posting this week! So, today I was thinking........
I'm getting MARRIED! Yikes! I can't believe it - I feel like I'm twelve and just dreaming it all
up and then I get on the phone with my parents and we are honestly talking about my real wedding, not my barbie dream house one! I mean, me-white dress with a veil, chicken or fish?, for better for worse....what is this guy thinking? He's gotta be crazy! But, I think he knows exactly what he's getting into. We have already been through for better and worse and some major life changes and decisions. But, cohabitation and sharing a checking account? DANGER DANGER! j/k, it's just soooo weird. I look at my left hand, mesmerized at least 75% of the time dreaming about flowers and cakes and family and christmases and dare I say it?? kids! It's all actually in the future, right in front- not too far off!
Sigh...I'm so in love.....double sigh.....

How am I going to plan this wedding? I just got a Christmas card from my grandparents that said, "Season's greeting and happiness to you and yours and please get married at home so we can all be there" subtle huh? Well, Kyle and I said we were prepared for the disappointment from family for our decision on a destination wedding. But, like my dad said - it's our wedding and it should be what we want. But, we love our families and want them there - i just think we are willing to sacrifice the presence of some for our dream wedding. That sounded awful, but I think you probably get what I am trying to say. Plus, with my grandparents I was kind of surprised and kind of not surprised to hear that. The thing is that its not about money, because I know my dad would take care of everything for his parents to be there. It seems its the flying thing. My grandpa isnt a big fan and my grandma has never flown before. So, I'm guessing its gonna take some hefty coaxing to get that lady on a plane so she can be front and center for the big day. I guess I'll have to put on my best granddaughter puppy dog eyes for the occasion.

Well, it looks as if the ANNUAL christmas party has once again been put into motion. This time I think we have rented some of the entertainment space at our favorite resort in Prattville. Oh, you know the one! So, I can barely sit still thinking about the fun coming up in the next few weeks.