Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Well, today we got some great news. If you remember, this summer Kyle had some heart troubles that ended up having him in the hospital and then as a side note to that, when they did they CATSCAN they found some spots on his lungs. Well, the doctor wasn't imediately concerned - suspecting that they were calcified scars left from pneumonia or sickness from childhood. So, instead of doing a biopsy they had us wait 6 months, get a new scan and come back in to see if anything has changed. (if they grew we would know that they were active or living.) Well, all of this to say that we went today for the pulmunologist consultation and nothing has changed and everything is fine. So a lot of stress has been releaved, I'm sure you can imagine the different scenarios that had been going through our heads in preperation for this dr. appointment. It was an answer to our prayers and I am glad to report that my fiance' is healthy and hopefully that all is behind us.

Of course I can't blog without mentioning the recent engagement. Although my desire was to wait until after the holidays to even think about the wedding, it seems that we are launched head first into the wedding planning scene. Most of this happened when we started casually looking at places and realized that people are already booking for weddings next year and a lot of places were already booked for the time period we were thinking of. So, this kind of pushed us into the search for the location - and we have been in stress crazy mode with a few of our possibilities here - which all basically means that we were not planning to have to think about so many things so soon. But, we are in and it looks like it's gonna be quite a planning process that we get to go through - planning a destination wedding. Luckily though, some of the cards have been in our favor and we have made some huge decisions already - and if all works out on Sunday (we are visiting a possiblie site for the wedding) we might just have the most important thing settled. So, cross your fingers - hopefully we see this one and we call it good! Da dum da da da dum da da....

I am soooooo ready for the holidays! I can't wait to see family and get to gab with my girls!
I can barely sit still knowing it is soooo soon!
That's all for now-