Thursday, December 07, 2006

A post about a post

So, today I am reading Heather's blog wiping away tears....
It's like she said exactly what I was thinking. When I think of my friends I feel like I know
them and all that but, then it's like I don't because so many things have changed and we all have grown apart. Not like our friendship lessened but that it changed. Change - that is what the last few years have been about. Almost nothing is the same as it was 2 years ago.
Life moves so fast. And it's not bad that things changed and life is different and if given the chance I don't think anyone would go back. It is just so nice to reminisce and to sit around with people that bring all of those memories to the front of your mind and suddenly you feel like its not you who have changed but, the world around you. It's a warm comfy feeling that I can't exactly explain, but no lapse of time is too great - that great feeling never goes away.

I have tried to explain this to new people in my life, but I can't without sounding like my life is out of one of those girlie movies or books about girlfriends. But, thats probably becasue in a lot
of ways, it really was...and i guess it still is.

Thanks Heather!