Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Its the most vonderful time of the year!

Isn't is vonderful? In just two days I will be on my way to Oklahoma. Home! There's no place
like home for the holidays! It seems so weird to think about being at home on Friday. I am sitting at my desk designing a floor plan for a firestation remodel in Sebring, FL. I have a Christmas party on Thursday and then a Christmas lunch on Friday and then I will be going home. This time on Saturday I will be sitting in a room surrounded by some of the most special people in the world to me. People I haven't seen in months! Although I can't process how I am actually going to be ready in two days to leave for so long (since I haven't given half a thought to packing yet), it's getting so close. I just want it to feel like Christmas! I just don't feel it yet. even though the office is covered in garland, christmas cards, and godiva chocolate - I just can't muster up the seasonal feeling when I am sleeveless. I know I know..shut up about the weather because as soon as you set foot in OK you will be whining to come back to the tropics. But, I love this time of year. It was around February that I would get sick of winter and be ready for summer again.

So, I was watching Bridezillas the other night (of course) and the one that was on was a wedding between two men. And then one who I guess was the bride was all bridezillaesque - now I didnt see all of it - just the part at the actual wedding and I was cracking up b/c this guy was going around yelling for the wedding planner at the reception, I mean yelling really really loud, "Where's Debby..Now! Where is Debby..Now!" and I was thinking, what is the big deal here? The food was cold, the bartender shut the bar for 10 minutes so they could take a break (no one would have really cared but he makes this giant scene and it when the groom is trying to calm him down it looks like the marriage might not make it thru the reception. And the wedding planner is yelling back at him and sooo mean. So, I am vowing to go with the flow on my wedding day to the best of my ability. I think it was worse to watch this guy than some of the women. Has anyone seen the one with the groom whose name was Bart? sooo hilarious-

Clearly I am just blabbing because I am running out of things to do at work today. The holidays have provided for some pretty slow days here at work. So, I have taken to planning the wedding or getting ideas during my work hours...sad I know but, it beats staring into space-

Lots of love-