Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My name is Leslie and I paint everything black....

This is Kyle and I's latest little project. I could have sworn I had a before picture but I just cannot locate it. We bought this Antique Secretary Desk at a garage sale for 25.00 dollars. I was in shock and it was in really good condition. The lady told us that she had refinished it not too long before but I knew immediately what I would do with it! I would paint it black! All antique collectors will gasp and faint at the thought! Why do people have such a problem with refinishing antiques? I mean, it is just old wood and I dont like it until I refinish it and Voila! I love it! I see it as giving the furniture a new little life and personality! Who doesn't love a makeover? So to all you old fuddy duddy's who protect your antiques....Don't scoff at me cuz my little secretary is looking soooooo fab! Here she is! We sanded it down and painted it solid black and bought some brushed nickel hardware to finish her off! I love the piece we got for the top drawer. It really updates the look.

Next. I took the inside piece that was separate with little mail drawers and shelves and I spray painted it Fire Engine Red! I am sooo in love with it! It really gives it a bit of spice!
And here she is in her new little home. I am so happy to have that done! Now my living room is finally finished!