Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Copy Cat

So once again I have ripped off a great idea from a fellow blogger: The Nester. I loved this idea for my guest bathroom. If you check out the link above and scroll down you will see hers. This works great for our rental house where we cant just rip the awful mirror out and put in a beautiful framed piece like I would like. What I did here is I took the glass out and used it on the counter to givc it a bit more oola la and then I hung the frame up on a black knob with some great black satin ribbon. The pick doesn't really do it justice and my walls are looking a little ucky as well - they are actually a fun asparagus green! Remember? If not: Check it out here!

This is such a fun and easy project and it really gives some interest to the space. I love that! I need to get to work on the rest of the house. Right now the guest bathroom is my favorite room!