Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Is that gal mistreating again??!!??

It all started with this:When we moved into out new house the first thing that had to happen was to cover the spooky glass window. The natural light was great during the day but at night.....SPOOKINESS. It had to go and it had to go quick! If we owned the house I would have just went for a solid door or perhaps a door with built-in blinds - however this is a rental so cover it we must! This was the quick walmart decision. I saw the curtains. Hoped they would match okay and got that baby covered up real nice. It was just fine except that I was doing some Fleur de leis in the kitchen and the gingham didn't want to mesh, my Mom gave me these great black and white dishes for my birthday (pictured below) and they didn't want to mesh....and then the burgundy trim that said it was RED was burgundy so it clashed with my red dishes...blah blah blah the list goes on and on.
So, I had found a lovely fabric remnant a month or so ago that I bought because I loved it and had no idea where I might be able to use it. And After the Nester's Mistreatment Party I was finally inspired. I picked up two tension rods at Walmart and got ready to majorly mistreat some fabric.
So here is Step One: I iron adhered the fabric to slide onto the tension rods and fit it into the window. It covered well and was double layered so it keeps the heat out but is light enough to let the light in during the day. It looked sad though...So I gave it a friend. Step Two: I used the rod the other curtain had been hanging on and hot glued the expertly folded and iron adhered piece onto the curtain rod until it looked like I wanted. Now it didn't look sad...it looked incomplete.The fabric store called my name and I knew what it wanted. It wanted me to add some little trimmy fixin's to the curtain to give it the spice it needed. So I obliged.
Step Three: A added some rope trim to the top to add a little character.

And then I added a matching tassel to hang from thr triangle valance piece to give it more of a sense or purpose. Yeah..thats what I did! I gave my mistreatment a little more purpose. yeah...Finito!I am pretty dern happy with it! It matched the room. It refused to clash with my dishes. The trim and sheen of the fabric add a touch of elegance that works better with my fleur de leis accents and it doesn't get stuck in the door everytime we go outside.
What do you gals think??

Just for kicks while I had the camera out-
I thought I would share some pics of my alcoves in my house. I didnt want them to be too cluttered - I like how they turned out. Kind of simple but fun.

Kitchen Alcove

(above mentioned black and white plates)

Living room

(red fabric matches living room mistreatments)