Saturday, October 11, 2008


I thought I would take a minute from my doctor order bedrest (yes - seriously)
and update my blog friends about the past week. I had autopost on almost all week so I could share some fun things but I have really had a tough week.
The Myelogram was rough. I had a reaction to the iodine and it was pretty icky. In case you don't know ( I sure didn't) a myleogram is a where they inject iodine into the spinal canal and then they move it around in the body and give you a CT scan. My body curled up like a squashed spider when they gave me the iodine and then I started having hallucinations - it was a very emotional, painful and exhaustive day. For the rest of Wednesday and Thursday I was on bedrest and for Wednesday I had to drink 5 million gallons of water and caffinated drinks to get the iodine out of my system. I also had to lay with my head elevated so as to insure that the iodine didn't get to my brain (yes - seriously)
To be frank with you - nothing has ever sucked more.
Friday I went back to work and did okay until around noon when I was having awful pains in my back and was really afraid because there are dangers of infection and things when they put a needle in your spine like that. I was in so much pain I left work and called Kyle crying over the pain (I had held it in a work and I just exploded when I got to my car) who called my doctor who then called me personally and told me to get to the hospital ASAP. The pains I was having were different and scary so I drove myself to Tampa sobbing (drama queen and a half I guess - but dang dang dang was I ever in pain!). Kyle met me there and they did x-rays and examined me and determined I was having severe muscle spasms and radiating pain from my original injury. Seriously. So they sent me home with even more pain medicine and a prescription for bedrest and heat and cold packs for the weekend or until I get to see the surgeon next week.
Geez. I have layed in bed all yesterday and most of today thinking - is this my life?
So I am being a bad patient at the moment but I just hate to crawl back in that bed.
But I guess I have to -

Thanks for listening to my drama and complaining