Monday, October 06, 2008

4 hours down, 4 to go...Just another Monday

Blah. I am so exhausted I had to blast my air conditioner on super freeze just to stay awake on the way to work. I had to write notes in a meeting just to stay coherent. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....
Even now after lunch I am soooo sleepy!

This weekend was really fun! I picked up my Mom and Mike on Friday and we took them to meet Harley and see our house (we had moved since last time they were here) and then Kyle cooked a great dinner on the grill and we spent a nice evening the first night of their visit.
On Saturday the boys played golf while Mom and I did some decorating around the house with a few little gifts she had brought. We went to SoHo and put things together for a Fall wreath for my door and then we did a bit of shopping in the afternoon. We came back home and had a lovely evening once again so happy to have them here for a few days. On Sunday we headed to the beach and then a nice little seafood place called "Crabby Bills". We came home and hung out the rest of the time laughing and playing with Harley. Mom and I had some fun activities to work on for the house and the boys had a blast playing on the Playstation. Kyle was so happy to have Mike there to enjoy playing some of his golf and football games. They went to the airport this morning and we were sad to see them go. This time parting wasn't so bad for me and Mom because we know she will be back soon to stay with me during my back surgery and some of my recovery time.

I will post some pictures soon of the little improvements made to the house, the fall wreath, and some cute pics from their visit.