Friday, October 10, 2008

Just for kicks!

I didn't post these pics earlier this week because these are things we did prior to my Mom's visit. I just caught back up on some of our little projects and thought I would share the pictures.

We bought this screen at a yard sale for 2 dollars. We took it home and painted it black (how odd for me.) and it really helped that corner of the room look complete. I had to move the picture but it really gave the chair a little more pop. Before it was almost blending with the wall. So now we have some height in the room as well. I am really happy with the results. Please excuse the Rock Band equipment behind the chair....geez I bought this picture to go in our restroom. Remember the curtains I had made out of wedding table runners? Check it out here. We are using our wedding color which was a deep orange and this picture goes with it beautifully. I got it at Kirklands Home.
I had this project in the works for sometime and it finally came together. I wrapped a board with the orange fabric and then mounted a card we had received for the wedding and a wedding invitation. We actually used this frame on an easel at the wedding so it fits perfectly with our wedding reminiscent bathroom theme.
It only took us 3 months to get the guest room in order. Here is the finished product.

I hope you enjoyed the pics and our little mini renovations. Having a home has been such a fun experience so far. I can't wait till we own a home we can make even more changes too. Or maybe I can! hee hee
Have a great Friday!