Friday, October 03, 2008

two poems in one week?

Tracy at Miller Manor invited me to join a little poetry challenge today so this is my little addition to the fun!

I need to write a poem
To post upon my blog
The last one that I posted
Was all about my dog

It has be happy and clever
It needs to have some rhyme
I just have to think of a topic
I seem to have the time

My poem could be about love
Or I could write something about life
I could throw something in about nature?
Or maybe something about strife?

Maybe it could be a haiku
But, then I have always loved prose
I think romance is my topic
I could begin with ‘Thou Art a Rose’

And yet that seems a bit stuffy
I want something somewhat lighter
Perhaps my poem about something
Will turn me into a writer

Now wasn't that fun? Go ahead and play along if you would like - Just link back to Tracy so everyone can share!