Saturday, February 09, 2008

Takin' Care of Business.....

Well, it is Saturday and as I seem to never be able to sleep.....I was up early and ready to start the day. At noon I am feeling pretty accomplished for a Saturday. So far today we have taken my car to the shop to get the tie rods fixed so it will stop squeaking everytime I turn. We have had lunch and also gotten my oil changed. I finally got myself in gear and ordered all the pictures that my Mom took of the wedding and the days previous-Now I will have all the memories packed into 3 different albums! I tried the walmart online photo center for the first time - we will see how it works out! I was impressed that the photos were only 9 cents a piece to process and still cheaper than going to the store even after adding the shipping cost! Technology Technology..... I also got around to picking out and ordering some pictures for this large frame I had bought forever ago b/c I thought it would be great for wedding pics. After that I was on such a roll that I finally made a decision about our enlargements and went ahead and contacted the photographer to put in the order! Whew!
In between all of that my Mother called in a color consultation for a painting project she was doing and I talked her through it via the again!
In a little bit I will be sneaking out of the house to go pick up my sweetie pie's birthday gift and then its off to Brandon for a dinner out with some friends to do a little pre-birthday celebration at Jo-To's ( our fave little japansese grill and sushi bar..yum!)
Well, thats all I got for now-
Lots of love and have a fabulous weekend friends-

L. Hall