Wednesday, February 27, 2008

House Hunters

4:15 pm - leave work and go to Chiropractors office
4:45 pm - POP! SNAP! "Your back is out of alignment and you are basically one big mess..(doctor paraphrase)"
5:15 pm - on the road again heading towards Plant City aka: home.
5:45 pm - arrival at said home, Grab husband, talk to neighbor who thinks that we know each other and that I own an SUV just like hers. WHAT?!..all this as we are trying to get in the car to leave.
6:02 pm - arrive at first home to view with our real estate agent.
6:20 pm - leave first home - OPINION: negative.
6:25 pm - arrive at second home to view
6:50 pm - leave second home - OPINION: moderately intrigued but really one more bedroom than we need and smelled like previous owner had cat. Meow!
6:55 pm - arrive at third home to view
7:25 pm - leave third home and bid farewell to agent till next house hunt adventure.
OPINION: good. Number one on the list for the moment.

Well that about sums it up. We looked at three homes and out of the three, the last one was really the one we liked the most - not to mention had a MUCH better price tag - which also accounts for some of our affection as we see the possibilities for improvements with the initial savings on the overall cost. Very Exciting! We are looking at three more on Thursday and who knows! we might just find the perfect home.
Tune in next time for HOUSE HUNTERS! Part Deux

L. Hall