Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"His blessings are made new every morning. Great is thy faithfulness!"

All I can say is WOW. I am just in total awe this morning of the Lord and I just feel so truly blessed and at peace. Not that everything isn't still hectic and crazy..it just seems like the world is swirling and twisting and turning around me and I am standing still in the midst of it, undaunted by the chaos. The past few nights as I have laid my head on the pillow, closed my eyes in prayer and surrended all the stress to the Lord I have been amazed by the effect on my mind.
If you have read yesterday's post then you know that we are going through a few headaches at the moment. After work and my Chiropractor's appointment, I was to meet Kyle in Lakeland at a car dealership to look at a car that we had found this weekend. We were very interested and it was in our price range. Before Kyle could get there, another salesman we had talked to a few days earlier called and told Kyle that something had just come in that he thought might just be perfect for us. Kyle checked out the details and decided that it might very well be a great deal. So as I am driving to one place, Kyle calls and I redirect my path to another dealership. We see the car and it is in great condition with low low mileage and a price they are willing to work on. Stubborness gets me for quite a while and I am quiet - fighting myself inside over what I want and what would be the best choice for us. Finally as we are negotiating and talking over the car, God just gives me this peace and amazing strength (and believe me, it takes amazing strength as an independent do it for yourself kind of girl to do this) to look my husband in the eye and tell him that if this is what he thinks is best for us then I am behind him 100 percent. (Wow! Even as I am writing it the little feminist inside me is screaming!) I truly felt like God was working on my marriage at the moment - helping me put my trust in my husband's decision. He was working on me and my character, my obedience to God, he was coming at me from every angle and I was receiving this amazing peace and I just put it all in God's hands and prayed for him to ease my husband's mind and make a good clear decision knowing that whatever he decided - I was completely supportive. I was a little shocked at myself the whole time as we went through the motions but the more time that passed the more excited and supportive I felt because I knew that there was a reason why this all happened. It was a better deal. A more reliable and affordable car in the long run. A better decision in everyway possible. God just shoved my thoughts to the side and said THIS IS IT. Here is what you need to do today. Listen to me and I will make sure you and Kyle are okay. (enormous sigh of relief)
After we shook hands and made the deal (waiting around several more hours for paperwork, etc.) Kyle asked why I agreed and I told him that I had prayed about it so much and I just felt that I was supposed to trust him. He smiled at me and said with a sigh, I prayed about it too and I feel like this was the answer to our prayers. It was such an awesome experience even though we were in a car dealership for 4 hours with stale popcorn and car salesmen. Although they did buy us dinner, Yo Quero Taco Bell? and that won us over completely.
So that is the reprise to yesterday's blog! I love that I have that documented! The work he was doing on my heart over the last few days.
I take for granted the magnitude of God's power and his love for us and how when we put our faith in him - he will direct us in the right path and we will be safe and sound in his arms.
I feel fearless now as Kyle and I are looking to go house hunting and I just know that everything is in God's hands! And it is just the most refreshing, comforting and amazing thing I have ever known!

Happy Tuesday!