Thursday, January 18, 2007

Woke up this morning..its six am..feel so far off from where I've my eggs and my pancakes my maple syrup..everything but you...

beep beep alarm yells incessantly in my ear, I rolled over to look the evil alarm in the face. 6:30! it yelled into my sleepy squinting eyes. Wait! Thats not how it went. "I need a girl to make my wife, no one else, she's all mine.....i need a girl to ride ride ride, a girl thats mine all mine. Tiffanie, Nancy thats not where my plans be, most of the girls keep confusing me..need me a girl to be true to me...i need a girl..." my radio alarm sang to me as I opened my eyes to see my alarm announcing 7:00 am!! You're gonna be late! I stumble to the bathroom and put the magic eye drops in my eyes, switching me from legally blind to 20/20 or whatever my vision is supposed to be.
I sang to Celine Dion, Carrie Underwood, Sheryl I got ready.
Pulled on black slacks, my fave snakeskin heels, an ivory shirt, jean jacket and my pearls..I was ready for..well, another Thursday.
Starbucks- click click click..I clacked my way into the coffee haven and ordered my tall nonfat vanilla latte, grabbed a scone and was out the door off to work-
In the door I went. eeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttt! Everything came to a screeching halt. I should have been walking into a huge firm with a stack of messages, peoples calls I needed to return, mail to go thru - just to tell my assistant which invitations to RSVP and which to dispose of. I should have settle down in my office overlooking the gulf and started designing the Barrimores new island house on Maui... But, my life is different than that.
I smiled and handed out the daily dose of "good mornings" and "hey theres", settled down-slurped down my coffee (which incidently gave me a hotflash) and ate my scone..or was it a scone? What is a scone? Do I like scones? I think it was coffee cake. Then I checked my email, looked sadly at my once again empty desk and proceeded to research the latest new idea concerning mine and Kyle's wedding. (sigh) booked, booked, booked. Nothing was working out-
Halfway thru the morning I put together a color scheme for an elementary school. 15 minutes later - back to the net.
Lunch- called places, left messages, found out things were of course, already booked..

After lunch - well, here I am kiddos. So what do I do now? I am tired of wedding stuff. I guess I will try to mentally and physically prepare myself for the weekend. Tomorrow we leave for the weekend with 12 of our friends to stay in the cabin on Lake Iskapoka or something like that. The guys are gonna fish, the girls are going to..complain about the guys most likely. It will be great. Probably a much needed wedding and computer break. I guess I will start making a list of things I need..umm lets see, bridal magazines, my laptop, cell phone.....

woe is me. (gaze slowly shifts to left hand...bling bling!...shifts to pictures of Kyle and I in college, in New York, on the cruise..and another one of Heather and I with our arms up in the air with a volleyball net behind will all be okay......)