Wednesday, January 10, 2007

RANT - and not about the wedding

Bumper Stickers....
Today as I was driving to work I found myself at a stoplight sitting behind a nice SUV. Sadly, the owner had defaced the vehicle with various bumper stickers. Before I move forward I will admit that in my youth I put a few stickers on my old junker car but, I think they are tacky and a very ugly ornament on a nice expensive vehicle. Although, they do provide fellow drivers with a good read at a traffic stop. This one puzzles me though.
They were clearly pro-Bush administration as they had some presidential voting tag from the last election which I am going to take as a sign that they are Republican (although they could just as easily not be). They had some other stickers from various places that had no real meaning - leading to my thought process of "why?"??? And then there was this one:
Now I am confused. Republicans are normally not anti gun if you go by the stereotype. So I wonder what is the purpose or meaning of this sticker and what about it moved this person to stick it on their otherwise lovely vehicle? Is this pro-gun control, anti Rosie O'Donnell/gay marriage, or obescity? My mind was boggled. Who are these people. It's not even really that funny and there was no picture or anything-just words in a non exciting font. What moved these people? (sigh)

Have a great Wednesday...if its a slow day you might just hear from me again.