Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I will plan this wedding to no a"veil".

Wedding planning sucketh. I give up and give in - I am through! I actually wrote this evil woman in Daytona a letter telling her how I did not appreciate how she treated us and that I would never recommend her or her facility. This is not something I do - But I had too! She made me so mad. She rushed me to make all these decisions and then she had no follow thru! I got an email from her yesterday saying she would be sending the contract soon. This is the same contract she said she would have to me on Dec. 22 and she would need back that very afternoon or we would lose our date. Now it is January and she is acting like nothing happened. I loathe her and her purple and blue eyeshadow combination. In other news...
A wedding coordinator practically laughed at me when I told her my budget. She doesnt believe in weddings under 40,000 plus. She was at least polite about it but, she devastated me. I would rather have a house after we are married than a gourmet fru fru wedding.
I then found a very nice lady who said the budget didnt matter- she just wanted to fulfill the brides vision. I liked her. Shes my new best friend! (j.k girls).
So unless something works itself out soon - I am hiring heather and having a wedding in Tulsa.
Bah on weddings. What good can come of them? Besides the whole love and family thing of course. Bah.
So I am a devastated bride. But I do know what kind of dress I want and I am officially on my wedding diet striving towards thinness or at least fitness. Wedding Schmedding....

This week better start looking up real soon!