Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesdays Unwrapped...and my 400th post!

Today is my 400th post. I can't believe I have found that much to say....oh, wait..yeah I can..I can be super chatty. Well, I am celebrating this momentous occasion by playing along with Emily at Chatting at the Sky's Tuesday's Unwrapped. Here is what she asks; "Include a story or a photo documenting your messy, lovely, unexpected gifts of the small and ordinary nature."

While we are going through this big life change at the moment of moving cross country and starting over in a new place with new jobs, etc. I remembered this picture of my and my husband, we were having photos made for Christmas card a few years ago and this wasn't so much a pose as it was a special sweet moment between me and my special guy.

I love this photo for how it reminds me to slow down (even amidst chaos) and just enjoy this amazing man that I love. So, today (in this moment) I am unwrapping those priceless moments even when there is packing to do, and schedules to follow and people to call....for this moment babe - it's just you and me (and well, all my readers...wink wink).