Monday, May 04, 2009

A place to call home...

We headed off into the great unknown last Thursday (the great unknown being Kansas) to spend the weekend searching for a rental home for our move in a few weeks.

We had about 10 places lined up to see over Thursday and Friday and we ended up looking at about 10 extra besides those! We had a pretty rough time overall as we kept hoping that we would walk into the perfect place and just KNOW that it was the right one for us.

By Friday night we were mixed on our top places and had yet to find one that we both totally agreed on and that really met our needs - by Saturday morning we got desperate and started heading back through the lists online to see if we missed any and also driving through a few more neighborhoods and calling the numbers on rental signs (we found quite a few to look at that way and the owners almost always met us within the hour). We were leaving at about 6 am on Sunday so Saturday was really our deadline.

We managed to go see one more place and when we walked in the door we finally felt the first shining moments of victory. The place was amazing and had everything we wanted and was in a great neighborhood to top it off! We called immediately only to find out that there was another lease pending on the home. AHH! terror! We knew we had to have it so the agent told us to go back to the hotel and fill out the online applications and then come to their office and sign a lease and put down a deposit and we could go into a little leasing war for the place. We were exhausted from our search and we designated a fall back place just in case and then we set off to try to get our application in!

So, we actually had to leave on Sunday without knowing if we got the place we wanted or if we were going to take our second choice whose location was not ideal. And then this morning we got a call and WE GOT IT!!! We are so excited and totally shocked that we got picked! I can't believe we will be there in just three weeks!

While we were there we also got to have lunch with all of Kyle's new co-workers and I got a tour of his amazing new office! And that same night (Friday) his boss and boss's wife took us out to Bonefish for dinner. It was great to get to know them and I am really excited for Kyle getting to work at such a great firm. Now, I just have to find something....

I actually got a few cards for design firms while we were there as well as meeting the designer who did Kyle's employers home. It was great to make a contact while I was there.
Yesterday we flew home and picked up our little furry guy from his puppy-sitters and were so relieved to be home. Home for now I guess.....I told Kyle that home for me is where he is so soon our home will be in Kansas. It is so nice to know that we have a place picked out to call home.

Happy Monday!