Friday, May 08, 2009

One man's another man's treasure!

Well, I wouldn't call our garage sale items "trash" persay, just the product of the insatiable American way - TOO MUCH STUFF. We have been overwhelmed at how much stuff we have kept but neglected to use - NOW is the time to clean it out and get it out the door!
We continued our packing and sorting rampage last night and I have to say that we are still doing quite well ( cross my fingers we might avoid the chaotic throwing stuff in a box cuz we don't care anymore routine that normally happens ). We are packing and sorting simultaneously and the living room is quick becoming a storage room of sorts - at least until tomorrow's big sale.

Tonight we are sorting and pricing and setting up the sale in the garage so we can get it ready to go bright and early (cuz that is just how we roll....well, not normally to be honest :))
I am excited and hope that we have a lot of people stop by and peruse our cast offs.

I personally like to go to Yard Sales. I love to scout for furniture that can be repurposed or refinished to be like new. I have done that a lot and furnished a lot of my home on a meager budget and a lot of hard work and black spray paint. I like to get out there and see what someone is getting rid of that I might be able to make work perfect for me. I am a scanner though! I don't stop unless I see furniture or something that looks like a Moi Project waiting to happen.

Have a Happy Friday and hopefully I will have a good report on Monday for you!
My work is throwing me a going away lunch on Monday ala' Macaroni Grill and I am really excited! Tuesday is my last day and then it is all packing and no looking back!

Have a fabulous weekend!