Tuesday, May 05, 2009

And so it begins!

Last night we started packing. It always starts out easy and lighthearted and then...as you open the next closet full to the brim with junk you start to slowly lose your mind - I personally start throwing stuff away and muttering about how we don't need this junk and how I wish we could just move somewhere and buy all new stuff so we wouldn't have to pack.

Well, we aren't to that stage yet but we have officially started the packing adventure. Last night we started going through clothes and organizing stuff for our garage sale this weekend. We are trying to really go through things well and to really stay organized with the move as we have to fit it all in one big Uhaul.

The two worst things for me to pack are the kitchen and all my home accents. The kitchen because I am wrapping everything carefully and worried about things being broken when we arrive at the new house and home accents because I always want to take them down very last. As soon as you take down pictures and curtains and knick knacks everything starts to feel so empty so I like to take those things down as late as possible so that things feel as normal as possible before we are ready to leave the house.

Things are getting ironed out though and we are making our lists of everything we need to do before the big departure - Can you believe it is two weeks from today?!?! Even typing that makes me really really nervous.

This weekend is our yard sale and then the next weekend Kyle's Dad will be here to help us load up and drive to Kansas. Time is just flying by! And next Tuesday is my last day at my job - now that is a whole other blog all together...

Happy Tuesday!