Friday, November 14, 2008

"It's about being comfortable with the Yucky Love Stuff" - My Best Friend's Wedding

Yeah - that quote has nothing to do with the post. Except I was listening to the soundtrack from that movie when I was inspired to blog.
I was sitting here cruisin' my songs on my new IPOD Kyle got me for our anniverary (thanks honey! yeah, he is awesome - it is the touchy screen one!) and I am just sailin' thru memory lane. My first move was to load all of my CD's on this thing. So it has about 800 songs from my high school days till now. We are talking Tory Amos, RENT, and then a splash of Shania. It's been really fun. But it got me thinking as waves of nostalgia crashed over me - isn't it funny how music can just completely transport you back to different memories? So here are a few of my little memory moments:

Aretha Franklin -Respect
This was soooo our warm up song when I took acting classes in HS. We had this great acting coach and there was a whole dance...geez..I totally still know it!

Brittany Spears - Lucky
There is a homemade music video of me and like 5 of my best friends singing this song and yes there were costumes and bad hair. is under tight lock and key. Youtube will never see it - I swear. Yes. I had on a toga and was walking and singing on a treadmill...Wait! That was too much info huh? Ah to be young again...hee hee

Tracy Chapman - The Promise
OMG! Favorite Song of all Time (Second is Ben Folds - Luckiest)
This song transports me back guessed it - my first broken heart. Sigh. If it wasn' t for that song I might have got over that boy a lot earlier.
Don't worry though - the song has been there for me for fact I walked down the aisle to it. When it shuffled to it a few minutes ago I seriously had a tear.

Sarah McLachlan - Surfacing
(sigh) Give me a glass of wine, candles and bubble bath. This song has relieved a stressful day more than once. I don't know if I can listen to it without wanting to go draw a bath.

Leave me a comment with a song or songs that take you back! And share your memory if you like! Come'll be fun!!! Have a Fabulous weekend!

P.S. I am having a jewelry party tonight and I will be annoying and taking pics so I can blog about it! I wish all my OK friends could come! I miss you girls! Wanna hop a flight for some artichoke dip?