Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

I totally sniped this pic from Emily over at Chatting at the Sky.

Well, after two years of insane and annoying campaigning and commercials and chaos the big ELECTION DAY has finally arrived. I could write a 30 page post about how this election has changed how I feel about voting and elections and how I found out how much I really DO CARE while before I didn't even bother to register. I voted last week and I was proud to fill in that circle on the ballot with my informed and thoughtful decision. I won't go into who I voted for or why because I think it is a personal and private decision and people are emotional about it so it is best left alone in such a public forum at least for myself that is how I feel. If I had a blog devoted to politics then that would be different. But I would never have a blog about politics...that is so not me.

Anywhoo - I hope that you go and vote today because it is out right as Americans to have a say in the outcome of this election today. I think we all know that no matter who is selected this will be an election that will never be forgotten and the next 4 years will be equally interesting and rough for whichever candidate wins.

At least Saturday Night Live is hilarious again.

Just for laughs....