Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Kyle and I celebrated our one year anniversary last Monday. He surprised me with a sweet and thoughtful gift and then I received a gorgeous bouquet at work which had about 8 star gazer lilies that continuted to bloom throughout the week. I brought it home on Friday and it is still beautiful today! I love when flowers really last and you get to enjoy them. Thanks Honey! We exchanged our main gifts on Saturday but on the day of Kyle took me to dinner and afterwards I gave him a gift basket that I had put together and a list of things I loved about him. We had a really wonderful and special day. Here is Kyle with his gift.

I had a custom label made for a bottle of wine to celebrate the day. It turned out really great and Kyle thought it was really cool. It says I Love You and then our names and anniversary date. The picture doesn't do it justice - it came our really neat and we plan to save it and drink it at our 50th anniversary or something like that. After opening gifts we followed the old tradition and unearthed the top of our wedding cake from the freezer and shared a piece of it. It was coconut cream and it was still really wonderful. We drank from some champagne glasses we had got on our honeymoon in Hawaii and leftover Champagne from the wedding. It was really romantic!

I had my doubts about the cake being good but apparently the fondant really helps preserve it!