Monday, November 24, 2008

Holly Holidays

Well, I am officially IN HOLIDAY MODE! Apparently all it took was some Christmas shopping this weekend and then Zing! Bang! Boom! I am pulling that tree into the living room and unwrapping my ornaments from their tissue paper hibernation!
Fall Schmall you guys! I know it's not Thanksgiving yet but the tree is hanging out in my living room and my wreath is anxious to get on the door to welcome in December. Maybe it is the fun of having a house for the first time to decorate or maybe it's just that the seasonal holiday bug has bitten me!
The mall was decorated this weekend and I perused the ornaments and thoughtfully dwelled on my tree's personality and decor for the year...I am so excited!
We got the tree set up last night and tonight I am gonna slap some gorgeous on it and hopefully post some pictures soon!
I am super excited - BONUS! maybe I am just so hyped because there are only 3 (COUNT EM" 1..2....3...) days of work this week and then a GLORIOUS 4 day weekend with my hubby!

Have I filled you with the holiday spirit or zapped it out of you with capital letters and exclamation points?

I can't help it! I am soooooo ready for this Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!