Thursday, April 17, 2008

thirteen blogs i did not write

If you are a regular reader of "going overboard" you probably noticed that my posts have been few and far between as of late. You might also have noticed that the Thursday Thirteen seems to be the only semi-consistent posting regime. I apologize and plan to become much more active in the future. So, here are 13 blog topics that I didn't post or write but carried around in my head with the intention of posting them. Have a fabulous Thursday bloggers!

1. The Bicycle Purchase
A few weeks ago Kyle and I spontaneously decided to purchase bikes and ride them to improve on our health and to work some fun exercise into our routines. We had a fabulous first ride which left us excited to ride again. However, with rain the following 4 days and the terrible swelling and pain in my back that came as the aftermath has left our new exciting purchases waiting patiently on our porch for their next adventure. We are glad we bought them but sad to not be able to use them like we would like to at this time.

Our bike riding destination - Walden Lake. We ride about a quarter mile to the lake community and it is several miles around so it is a beautiful and relazing ride. I can't wait till my back is better!

2. Why I cannot make a decent pancake or waffle
This one would have been about how my domestic skills are severly laking and how I can make pasta and toast and that is where the list ends.

3. Uncertainty
I seem to be at a time in my life of severe uncertainty. Every decision is weighing on my conscience and I have no idea where life will take me and Kyle in the next year. 6 months ago I probably would have told you exactly what I wanted and how things would go but now I am just uncertain.

4. The wrong date
The other day I took an hour off of work to go to the doctor. It was a neurologist that my orthapedic specialist had sent me to in order to confirm my herniated disk with someone else. This appointment was scheduled so I could go to a pain management specialist a few days later and the next week follow up with my orthopedist. Okay - so I get to the doctor with x-rays and MRI in hand and they tell me that my appointment is the next month and that my doctor gave me the wrong month. They cannot fit me in so I am out of luck. I call my doctor and they claim misinformation as well. We are all in an uproar and the end result is that I must put it all on hold and continue on with no relief to the pain (save my medicine) for another month. This blog probably would have been very long and agitated with many exclamation points.

5. Hello my name is Leslie and I am addicted to chewing gum

Chewing Gum xD

Folks, I am up to 2 packs a week. It's serious and I can't stop. Thankfully it is just gum.

6. Hello my name is Leslie and I used to rarely drink pop and now I am craving....Diet Coke!

7. The life of a private blogger
I seem to have a real issue with sharing my blog. I catch myself holding back from letting other people know this side of me because I feel like it will guard my feeling of freedom to say what I wish. I have already done that in a lot of ways and I am nervous that I will post to please instead of expressing and sharing what is on my mind or heart. Which is the very reason that I blog at all. I am not ashamed of what I write - merely guarded of letting new friends in.


8. The color search

My firm is designing a car dealership. I have recently began searching the world of finishes for the approved trademark allowed materials. Normally these come in a box from the contractor for a job. I get all the boxes of samples and I weed through them and construct a scheme. This is not all that I do as a designer - this is just the color selection portion. So, this new job has sent me scrurrying around the office to find things I might already have and ordering the others, calling reps and requesting custom carpet samples that are near impossible to find. And alas! I have gathered almost all since Monday and as they are arriving throughout the week I am so happy to see that they are all nice earthtones (my designer comfort zone when I am not choosing the scheme) and I feel very satisfied as I unwrap my final samples of tile that came in this afternoon and I laugh (as I always do) at the clever names..'Sand Box', 'Slinky', 'I see the moon' and 'Golden Fleece'.

9. Not sure how to help

Someone that I love very much is struggling with different emotions and situations. I can offer advice and comfort but that is all. I want to step in and fix it all and make it right so they can move on with their life. I want to take all the heat - step into the drama and straighten everyone out. I can't do this. It wouldn't help at all. But it drives me crazy and make my heart ache.

10. Growing up is an interesting thing
The funny thing about growing up is that we all do it physically but mentally people all travel at their own speeds. We have all met the 35 year old who acts like their 18. I am all about having fun and staying young at heart. But I have to say that I expect a certain kind of behavior from certain age groups. I get so upset when I see someone my age acting so immaturely. I never lecture these people or anything - it's just that inside I am screaming! "Where are your manners!!! Where is your respect? Who raised you!!???" We are all different this I know, but I am finding as I age that I am wound a little tight when it comes to behavior. I expect a lot from those my own age and I am very often dissappointed. I think that is why I have had a hard time with getting close to people since I moved. When you grow up with people you may tend to be very similar with your behavior b/c you developed that way as you knew them and they with you. When you jump in to the early 20's age group I must tell you that you have no idea whether you will find successful and intelligent adults or the total opposite. I believe that we should all be who we are and sometimes structure and discipline are not built in characteristics, people are individuals and I dont want anyone to pretend to be something their not - just to realize that with age should come just a little wisdom and self control.

11. Weightloss
I have suddenly become dangerously aware that I have gained weight - too much for comfort.
It happened slowly and now- BOOM! 10lbs! Anxiety over the carwreck and stress from so many other things and now I am uncomfortable and upset with myself. Not that I was ever thin or at my idea weight - but I was as I have always been and now after 5 months of marriage..the thing I swore wouldn't happen...Balloon! I have got to get to work on this flab! It's almost summer!!

12. 10 is the new 14
Well, this just an interesting thing I have noticed. Does anyone else watch America's Next Top Model? Well, I do and I have for some time. I was interested when several seasons ago they introduced plus-sized models. I thought this was good b/c it seems that that industry is trying to cover all body types and that the show could recognize it. No plus-size model has won yet but the girl this season is really doing well (I hope! I missed this weeks episode). Well, as I am watching the show I am listening to the girls and I notice that they mention that the plus-size model is a size 10. I would kill to be a size 10. I haven't been a 10 since junior high! That poor gigantic girl! A size 10!!!! What a hippo- Since when is a size 10 obese? good grief.......
13. You can't tell a book by its cover
I thought it funny when a few months ago my friend and I started reading books together. We would pick on out and read it and talk about it and eventually a few other girls joined the fun. It was interesting how other people choose books. Some people go by the cover - does it intrigue them, some go by the little blurb on the back, still others read the last page or the first page to decide. A friend of mine says she always checks the 'feel' of the book cover ( I was pretty blank on that one - but I loved it!). I have even heard that people choose a book based on page size, number of pages and font size. I have chose awful books and I have picked out books that I have read over and over.

Well, I really wish I would have gotten around to really blogging about all those things. But, as hopefully in the future I will be more diligent about posting. Thanks for reading!

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