Monday, April 21, 2008

Back up!

Well, here I was blogging along happily this past week and I completely forgot to blog about my great weekend with my mother and her new beau! We had such a fabulous time. We eased the anxious first time meeting with some fun bowling with our lifegroup from church. Mom and Mike arrived and were immediately overwhelmed with our very loud and happy group. They got right in on our fun and soon each had a nickname, Mom became Cinderella because all of the girls were having Walt Disney princess names as one of the girls in our group is actually a cast member at Disney World as Sleeping Beauty. She loves Disney almost more than anyone I have ever known (Pam's Mom!). Mike soon got his nickname for his unique ability to leave only one pin standing on every single turn. The boys chanted "ONE PIN! ONE PIN!" whenever he approached the lane. He was good natured and seemed to really enjoy the game with his girlfriend and 9 new strangers. The men won the bowling match and took home the Champion Sock for the night! It was a great time.

The next day was the beach and we headed off to Anna Maria Island (the site of our wedding 5 months ago!). We toasted on the beach for the day and later explored the island, stopping to have a cocktail on the pier and get a lovely view of the Sunshine Skyway. We were also able to see a few extremely adventurous fisherman baiting of their hooks with enormous fish with the goal of catching a shark. Yikes!

After that we headed to the very site of our wedding, the Beachouse Restaurant and ate dinner - reminiscing as 2 weddings were going on while we were there. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset (almost as gorgeous as the one we enjoyed on November 3rd) and had a lovely dinner outside listening to the waves crash and getting to know this new fellow in my Mother's life. I was happy to find a genuine and sincere man who I am happy to have met.

The next day we had a yummy waffle and bacon breakfast before heading to Orlando for an exciting round of putt putt golf where my Mom triumphed over us all and I brought up the rear with the lowest score. Good thing I have no competitive bones in my body. As we caught the beginning of a rain shower on our 18th hole, we were happy that our next activity would be indoors.
We hurried through the rain to Downtown Disney were we enjoyed a happy meal at the crowded Earl of Sandwich and then went to spend the rest of our time at DisneyQuest. We had a great time but, were soon tired and eager to finish off our visit with some pizza take out and some Rock Band at the Playstation 3. I made some homemade vanilla ice cream and we just enjoyed the company for the remainder of the evening.
The next morning we said our tearful goodbyes and Kyle and I headed to work as they headed towards the airport. They made it safe and sound back home and we spent that evening vegging out and relaxing from the fun and hectic weekend.

Sorry it took a week to report! I almost forgot to do it at all.
Happy Monday!