Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Not sure if I have anything "bloggable" but I figured that it had been a week so, I better update my fans..errr....readers.
So not too much going on... O wait! Actually there is a lot going on in my little world. First of all-I am soooooo psyched because I am going home for the weekend!!!!!
I have a dress fitting on Saturday morning, Mom, Stephanie and Tiff are going to do a practice run on the bridal hair-do and then my maid and matron of honor are giving me a personal bridal shower! I am bubbling over with excitement for it all!
Along with that excitement is this: The invitations have been sent. Kyle and I managed to get ourselves on task and attack the invitations this last weekend and as of yesterday - we handed them over to the good ole' postal service. Making sure to tell my Dad that because of their over sized shape we were able to add a substantial chunk of dough to his retirement. hee hee (in case that confused you - my dad is a postmaster of a post office in Tulsa).
The other exciting thing is....we found Kyle's wedding band last weekend as well and he is sooo proud of it! It is made of Tungsten which is indestructible and exactly what he wanted. It has a diamond in the center (which he swore he didn't want!) and it is really a cool ring.
Kyle and I also managed to figure out separately and together what we were getting each other as our wedding gifts to the other. We are going to give them to each other at the Rehearsal Dinner at the wedding so we are real excited about that.
Now..remember all that jazz I said before about the wedding being on hold until I take my test...Well! it has to really happen soon b/c the test is soooo soon! But, the wedding is sooo much fun and this weekend is more excitement than I can even handle!
I was telling my sister about this dream I had with a wedding cake chasing me and a lime dress that attacked me...and that one is mild compared to what has been going on in my dreams when I close my eyes at night. Whew!

Health report:
Well, as you might know I have in the last few months had several health "issues" and I would like to announce that as off last week, I had my last follow up and am on my way to health and happiness (provided I follow directions, eat right, and take my meds). Now I have a slightly new problem (big surprise) - by the way- have I mentioned that since I retired to Florida my bill of health has been that of a 65 year old? -
Anywhoo- I am joining the ranks of my family with a knee problem. As of my orthopedist's diagnosis this morning I officially have - Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. Basically my knee cap in my right leg is tilted to the left. For right now the method for cure is physical therapy (at home), with a knee brace next if that doesn't help. The end is surgery which I hope to avoid at all costs!

Happy Wednesday and more later!