Friday, March 28, 2008


For some reason it is just easier to go to work on Friday mornings. I am not sure if it is the jeans and casual shirt that puts me in a good mood or if it is the quick approach of the delicious weekend ahead. Whatever it is I was really feeling it this morning. I got ready fast enough to sit and have my fruity pebbles with Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts (Good Morning America hosts on ABC) and then I was off to work singing along to my favorite new CD. With that accomplished I practically skipped into work only 2 minutes after 8. I sat down at my desk to begin sorting through my email and enjoying my banana when suddenly it hit me that I was feeling so much improved in mind and spirit from the rest of the week. Lately I have been singing the blues but for some reason this morning, I was kinda hyped up.

Have a happy and safe weekend!

Much Love-