Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thirteen Things that could still go wrong when you think, "Nothing more could possibly go wrong!"

1. An old injury that was healed could be aggravated by a car accident.
2. You could have your identity stolen

3. You could lose your job.
4. You could buy a new car and absolutely hate it the next day.
5. You could chip a tooth
6. You could hear that someone you love is in the hospital
7. You could gain 10 lbs instead of losing it.
8. Your hairdresser could have a mishap and ruin your hair
9. Your DVR could erase the show you recorded before you got to see it.
10. You could fall down in the middle of the airport with your coffee,carry-ons, etc
flying into the air.
11. You could get in your car in the morning and find that all the birds in the
neighborhood prefer your car as their daily potty station.
12. Your car insurance premium could suddenly go up.
13. You could wake up with conjunctivitis (aka "pink eye") in both eyes.

These are not necessarily all things that happened to me but more than I care to admit are completely accurate to the last month of my life. Have a happy Thursday and a good laugh cuz- we have all been there! Feel free to add your own if you have some!

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